Tuesday, February 21, 2012


This past week, actually, the past couple of weeks have strengthened my testimony so much and I just have to share it somehow right now!  A week ago today, I went to the Logan temple to do baptisms for the dead and it was the first time since August.  I still don't understand why on earth I didn't go sooner, since the temple has always been such a huge part of my life, but anyway, I also went again today - to try and get back in the habit of weekly temple attendance and I just have to say, I have not felt this calm, peaceful, strong, and sure of what I'm doing since I've come up to school!  I love the Gospel so much!  I know that my Heavenly Father lives and loves me and knows exactly who I am, I know that Jesus is the Christ, He is my older brother and best friend.  I know that temples are the house of the Lord!  I know that the scriptures are the word of God and that the Spirit uses them to communicate.  I also know with a surety that this Gospel is the true Gospel, in its fullness!  I also know that prayer works - if we ask with a sincere heart, He does hear us and will answer us, even though it is in His time and it may not be the answer we expect or want, and the answer may not come in a way that we expect.  I know that the Atonement is so very real and that we can always repent and I know that our Heavenly Father loves us so much that he hopes and wishes that each of us will repent so we can return to live with him someday.  To finish, I just have to say again how much I LOVE this Gospel, my knowledge of the Gospel, and temples!  :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We're All Human

So lately, I've found myself being incredibly hard on myself.  I am continually thinking about how I can become better and tend to focus more on my faults and weaknesses than my strengths.  However, when I think about other people, I notice only the positives and am always trying to point out their strengths and am trying to encourage them and tell them that their ideas/image of themselves isn't what the world sees.  I realized this weekend that when I was asked to write 5 things that I liked about someone I appreciate/admire/care about, the only problem that I had was confining their traits to only 5!  But I when I was asked to write down 5 things I like about myself, I struggled to write anything and I know I wasn't alone.  This has become a huge wake-up call to me.  As a society, we are constantly trying to better ourselves, which isn't bad in moderation, but once your 'faults' overwhelm your strengths, something is wrong.
We're constantly told not to judge others, and to recognize that people are just human afterall and that no one is perfect.  However, we hold ourselves to a standard of perfection, or near perfection.  What we need to recognize is that this is unattainable in this life.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that everyone shouldn't work out faults that they have.  I'm saying that people (myself included) need to stop focusing on their own faults and recognize how incredible they are!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Guy Rant...

Sorry but tonight I just need to rant...  So just know that you have been warned!

Why is it that there are no guys in my life right now to be found that are interested in what I have to offer??  Well wait, let me clarify my former statement...  Why is it that there are no non-awkward guys that are close enough to my current location that are willing to date?  I mean seriously, I'm told that I have a lot going for me...  I've been told that I'm pretty, I'm nice, I'm amazing, etc. and yet, I haven't been on a serious date, EVER!  Yes, I've gone on a few pity/friend dates and a few dance dates, and I guess there may have been one (two AT THE MOST) that were interested in becoming serious, but at the time I was in high school and not looking for a serious relationship...  Now here I am in college with only A SINGLE date under my sleeve so far and it was a total FRIEND date!!  I mean seriously?!
It just drives me insane that guys don't date anymore!  They decide to hang out and to just be friends but right now, I want something more than just another good guy friend...  Ugh!

Okay...  I think I'm okay/slightly better now...  Well, maybe...  I guess this will have to do since I don't really want a very detailed rant to be posted on the internet for everyone to see, but this will have to do for now...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Theme Songs

Its been so long...  Too long!  But I've decided that recently I've been recognizing so many songs that just feel like theme songs to my life, so I want to post a running list of all of these songs...
Only Exception by Paramore
There's a Fine, Fine, Line from Avenue Q
I'm Not that Girl from Wicked

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Creeper Letters

So Friday Night, Daniel and his friend, Nataly, had a night planned where they were going to write creeper letters to people and then they kinda invited (if by invited I mean just came into my apartment and put a paper in my hand and gave me a name) me to creep along with them!  Nataly assigned me who to creep on, his name was Bobby.  She pulled up his Facebook page so I could get an idea of what he looked like then she continued to tell me/find out random creeperish facts about him, such as which gym he goes to, what TV show he watches a lot, the layout of his apartment, etc...  So, just to show how epically fun this activity is, here is my finished letter...

My Dearest Bobbiliciousness,
I love your gorgeous green eyes and how I wish I could just sit and gaze through those beautiful windows to your soul. Just like how I sit here in this tree and gaze through the window while you watch Malcolm in the Middle or play Madden.  I'm so sorry your team didn't make it to the superbowl, but I love how you've ended up spending more time at the gym.
By the way, my membership at Anytime Fitness has proved itself worth every penny because of the joy that I experience every time I watch your muscles ripple as you do those endless reps.  I can't wait for the day when I can hold your strong hands.
When you broke up with that one blonde, I was filled with hope and excitement and then that blonde, Brooke came into your life.  You've gone from one bland blonde to another but I think its time you add some ginger spice to your life.  And you don't have to look very far...  ;)  Just look across the parking lot into the tree and gaze into these eyes that want you so.
<3 Love <3
The Girl in the Tree

Now please remember that I have NEVER met this Bobby before in my life!  And before that night, I had never even heard about/of him!  But honestly, we had SO much fun writing and then delivering these beautiful creeper letters!  I cannot wait to do it again!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sick Day (and funny video)

So on Monday, I went to the Health and Wellness center and found out two things, 1) I've lost 20 lbs since coming up to school!  YAY! and 2) I have strep the week before my vocal jury...  Not so yay...  But because of that, I had an amazing sick day on Monday, which I think is just what my body needed, I took a 4 hour nap and did absolutely nothing all day long!  It was great!  Except for the fact that I banished myself to my room and didn't allow myself to make any social interactions with anyone, in fear of spreading strep all over Honors House...  And that became incredibly dull and lonely.  However, I just happen to have the best roommate ever and she kept me company for the evening/night after she was done with all of her running!  Then yesterday, she was amazing again, by making me eat even though I didn't feel good and also by making me actually do my homework last night before watching our movie!  Best-est roommate EVER!!

Something else I just have to post, I found this on Facebook, and I totally love it!  And honestly, it is SO true!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Honors Yule Ball

Last night, Honors House had our very own Yule Ball!  We went to Olive Garden and then had a dance party back at the dorms and we all dressed up in old prom/formal dresses.  It was SO much fun!!  And I just want to post some photos that people took...  :)

Also!!  Today, Max O gave Brittany and I our Christmas presents!  We got bread, jam, and some seriously rockin' hats!!  We look pretty sexy in them!

Basically, I'm just having WAYYY too much fun up at college!!