Sunday, December 4, 2011

Men's Hearts Shall Fail Them

So this has been posted ALL over Facebook by my friends and family, but I just never watched it!  I finally decided to watch it this morning because it was posted on my Stake's page and was also sent to me in my weekly stake announcement email, so I figured why not?  Seriously though, this is such a BEAUTIFUL Mormon Message.  I really believe that this is my absolute favorite, granted that may just be because this is exactly I needed this morning, especially with my juries coming up...  For those of you that haven't been around me the last week or so, my first jury is coming up in about a week and a half.  For those of you who don't know what a jury is, its a performance final for music majors; so I go in front of a panel of music instructors with 5 songs prepared, get to pick my first song, then they pick 2 more out of the 5 that they want to hear.  And if they don't like my work, then they can kick me out of the music program.  Yeah, no pressure!   But I've just been Extremely stressed for my juries because I'm not perfect and I'm just not sure what to expect, and I honestly am just scared out of my wits!  But this video honestly almost brought me to tears because of how at the end he specifically says that you should not expect perfection in this life, and for me, that was just so powerful!
I just had to share this amazing video!  I hope this helps someone as much as its helped me!

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